Makeup Storage

Perusing Pinterest has made me obsessesd with organization, particulary makeup organization. Once I have my mind set on something I obsess about it until I do it.

My first project was makeup brush storage. I was inspired by these Pinterest projects: Pin 1 and Pin 2. It only cost me $3 to create; I bought two glass candle holders from the dollar store and a bag of smooth rocks and below is the finished product!

I have my face brushes in one and my eye brushes in the other. It is so much easier getting ready in the morning because I don’t have to dig through makeup to find the brush I need.
My next project was trying to come up with an effieicent way to store my makeup, so that I could have easy access to it and be able to see everything. Previously I had all of the products that I used daily in a bin and every morning I would dig through to find what I needed. I found this clear 3 drawer organizer on Pinterest and then tracked it down on Amazon for $13. I ended up ordering two (I have way too much makeup!)
Lastly, I went to target and bought to small baskets (I am obsessed with storage baskets!) to store all of my other beauty items (hair products, lotion, etc.) They were $6 a piece.

Here is the finished product! Everything is currently sitting on my dresser. One of these days, I want to buy an actual vanity and all of this can go on there!

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