MAC Lipstick – Rebel

My latest MAC lipstick purchase was the color Rebel and I was also convinced to purchase the MAC lip liner in Vino to accompany it. Two different MAC artists told me that the Vino liner was very complimentary to the Rebel lipstick (and let’s face it, it doesn’t take much to convince me to buy things!). I would say Rebel is a nice lip color for going out. See the pics below (with and without the lip liner).

MAC Lipstick in Rebel (without liner) 
 MAC Lipstick in Rebel (with lip liner in Vino) 
In case you are wondering what my full face looks like with the Rebel lipstick and Vino lip liner (I have on no face makeup here, so excuse the rest of my face)

The liner in Vino defines the lip more and deepens the color. I think it is a great accompaniment but you can also wear the lipstick without.


2 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick – Rebel

  1. Mrs. Fen says:

    I have the same problem, Scurvy! I am by no means good at makeup application. I just ask for help at make up coutners and play around on my own at home in the mirror. Practice! hahaha.


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