Wayne Goss is one of my FAVE makeup youtubers. Check out his video on the top 5 eye shadow mistakes!

1. Blending! You need a separate blending brush. Its completely clean. This is one of the most important elements in clean beauty makeup.
2. NOT KNOWING YOUR EYE SHAPE! Here is the link! 
3. Extending your eyeshadow! Very important. Understanding how to extend your eyeshadow can change your eye shape completely. I have a new video coming on this as part of my masterclass series coming up.
4. Kohl pencil just on the lower water line! SCARY! VERY SCARY. Try and keep balance! The top liner should always be bigger or thicker than the lower lash line.
5. Shimmery Brow bone! AVOID. At least as much as possible. Its VERY 80s! We actually see it a lot from Make Up For Ever. Its an old fashioned technique. Matte or very light shimmer looks better. Im my opinion. 
6. Pick the best eyeshadow brushes for your eye shape. I have videos coming up on my second channel


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