Current Obsession – Pink Lipsticks

This entire summer I have been buying pink lipsticks like crazy. I used to be afraid to wear bright lipstick colors but now I am obsessed. I decided to swatch some of them (there are more pinks than one arm could fit) to see if any of them were dupes. Luckily, to me, a self proclaimed makeup addict, the colors all look distinctly different. I have a good mix of drugstore and pricier brands.

Pink lipstick swatches

Colors from the top L-R: Laqa & Co cheeky Lip in Humblebrag, Wet n Wild in On the Ave (Fall 15 LE), Milani Cosmetics in Matte Diva, Milani Cosmetics in Matte Orchid, Wet n Wild in Don’t Blink Pink, MAC in Flat out Fabulous, MAC in Milan Mode, Maybelline Colorsensational in Vivid Rose, Maybelline Colorsensational in All Fired Up, Urban Decay Revloution Lipstick in Jilted, Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Spellbound.

I am learning that colors that I thought of as just pink often have bits of plums and purples or reds and browns. Some of my “pink” swatches actually appear plum on my skin tone (MAC’s Flat out Fabulous and Covergirl’s Spellbound for example). I have a crap ton of lipsticks (I am actually off to look for a new lipstick holder for my vanity since I have out grown the one that holds 24 and another one that holds 6) so stay tuned for more swatches and comparisons when I am not being  too lazy to write!

Me wearing Wet n Wild's Don't Blink Pink

Me wearing Wet n Wild’s Don’t Blink Pink



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